Vending Machine Strategy: The Importance of Finding the Best Locations

December 5, 2017

Developing a smart, productive placement strategy is essential for both vending machine suppliers and companies that use vending machines to stock a constant selection of available food and beverage items for employee enjoyment. For vending machine suppliers, it is of major value to market their machines to such target groups as corporations with large staffs and companies with 24-hour staffing in which employees are in-house to cover work shifts around-the-clock.

Community recreation and entertainment centres, shopping malls, convenience stores and rest stop centres along major highways and other busy vehicle travel routes are all excellent locations for profitable placement of vending machines today. When these convenient machines well-stocked with attractive meals, snacks and drinks are placed in busy areas of commercial showrooms and business offices, they are always popular, getting constant use and sales from employees and visitors.

Strategies for Selecting the Best Locations for Vending Machine Placement

Major strategies for choosing the ideal locations for vending machine placement include the following:

  • Locate Companies Without 24-Hour Food Service. - Vending machine suppliers that service companies that are open for business 24-hours per day and hire workers for 8-hour shifts to handle a constant workflow are likely to increase their profitability levels, especially when these companies do not have 24-hour, in-house food service. Workers appreciate having attractive meals and satisfying snack foods and beverages nearby their work stations, especially when companies are not located within close proximity to late night restaurants and convenience stores or 24-hour cafés and snack bars.
  • Find Busy In-House Company Areas Where Employees Often Gather. - Companies that use the services of vending machines to ensure their staff members of easy access to good quality snacks and beverages during working hours look for sections of their offices or factory facilities that are near their most populated work areas. When employees know they can buy a flavourful, low-cost meal, snack or beverage just down the hallway from their workstations or located in the nearby employee lounge, they are encouraged to purchase these items from the convenient vending machines rather than bringing foods in from outside stores and restaurants. As a result, the vending machine suppliers make a profit while the companies using these machines become valuable clients of the vendors due to high usability of machines by the client company's employees.
  • Select Entrances of Community Centres and Busiest Areas of Shopping Malls. - When vending machine suppliers gain placement of their food and beverage dispensing machines near the entrances to community centres and heavily populated areas of shopping malls, they will most likely receive high monetary returns due to the large number of consumers who will pass by these machines while attending community-sponsored sports games or entertainment events and while shopping in the malls. Store owners and operators of community centres also like having strategically placed vending machines on the premises since these convenient machines encourage patrons to spend more time and money in-house rather than leaving these facilities to go out to restaurants or other eateries for buying food and drinks.

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